Mexican Train Station


Game Overview

Mexican Train Station is a multi-round domino game. The number of rounds in a game is determined by the size of the domino set used. For example, when a double-twelve domino set is used, a game consists of thirteen rounds. The players begin each round by drawing a specified number of dominoes. Play starts by calling and playing down the appropriate double domino for that round. This domino is the "train station". Players form "trains" of dominoes that begin with the lead domino. The length of the trains is not limited. The first time a player plays down dominoes, all of the dominoes in the train may be played down at once. Subsequent turns consist of playing down dominoes to extend existing trains or to start new trains. The draw pile is used is used when a play cannot be made, and when penalties are imposed for failing to follow the rules. Points are scored at the end of the each round. The total unplayed points are awarded to the winner of the round. Players holding dominoes at the end of the round are penalized the number of points they still hold. The game winner has the most points at the end of the final round. Game play is enhanced by rules that require players to make various railroad sound effects when plays are made.

Starting a game round:

Rules of play:





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