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Flag of Rhodesia
THE COAT OF ARMS Vert a Pick Or on a Chief Argent a Lion passant Gules between two Thistles leaved and slipped proper. For the Crest: On a Wreath Or and Vert, a representation of the bird carved in soapstone and discovered at Great Zimbabwe (otherwise the Great Zimbabwe Bird) Gold. And for Supporters on either side, a Sable Antelope proper; with the Motto "Sit nomine digna".
THE SHIELD Bears a pick on a green background representing our primary industries of mining and agriculture. Above this is a lion between two thistles taken from the arms of our Founder, Cecil John Rhodes, which reminds us of him and of the pioneers who opened up the country and brought to it the benefits of peace, commerce and civilisation.
THE ZIMBABWE BIRD CREST Refers to the contribution of the African to the history and economy of the country.
THE SUPPORTERS Two Sable Antelope, stand for our country's heritage of game and wild life.
THE MOTTO Means "May she be worthy of her name", reminds us of the ideals of our founder: equal rights for all civilised men and freedom, justice and commerce. The motto on the flag is "Sit Nomine Digna", and was on the Rhodesian coat of arms adopted in 1924 (granted by Royal Warrant on 11 August of that year) and thus indirectly the "Flag motto". The translation is "May She be worthy of the Name".
THE COLORS The green color in the Rhodesian flag symbolizes hope, and the white symbolizes peace.
OTHER NOTES The lion and thistles are from the personal arms of Rhodes.

Interestingly, an earlier proposal for the same coat of arms suggested using a BSAP trooper and a Matabele warrior as the supporters, but this was not adopted because there were too many bitter memories of the Matabele War.

National Anthem

   Rise, O voices of Rhodesia.
   God may we thy bounty share
   Give us strength to face all danger and,
   Where challenge is, to dare.
   Guide us, Lord, to wise decision,
   ever of thy grace aware.
   Oh, let our hearts beat bravely always,
   for this land within thy care.
   Rise, O voices of Rhodesia,
   bringing her your proud acclaim,
   Grandly echoing through the mountains,
   rolling over far-flung plain.
   Roaring in the mighty rivers, joining in
   one grand refrain,
   Ascending to the sunlit heavens,
   telling of her honored name.

National Flower


Gloriosa superba is a native to tropical Africa. It is known as the "flame lily" in Rhodesia. The large, claw like flowers open yellow and red and then change to a rich claret edged with gold. Their fascination lies in the way the pendulous buds turn up in a 180 degree curve and then down again. There is also a more bushy, yellow-flowered form. It is a very successful cut-flower that will last two weeks. A mature tuber can give up to 25 blooms. It can grow up to 1.8 meters tall and climbs using tendrils at the ends of the leaves to hold on.

The name Gloriosa comes from the word gloriosus, which means handsome and superba is from the word superb, clearly alluding to the beautiful flowers which appear from November to March. Naturally it occurs in semi-shaded areas in the bush on hillsides on the South African coast, in Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Flame lilies are grown commercially for a chemical compound. They are also used to treat intestinal worms, bruises, infertility, skin problem and impotence. It is also said that sap from the leaf tip is used for pimples and skin eruptions by Tswana and Masai farm workers (Roberts, 1990). Here is a site that has more information about this flower than you ever needed.

Feature Attractions

Rhodesian Birth Certificate: 176KB JPG Picture

US Birth Certificate issued from Salisbury: 117KB JPG Picture

The Unilateral Declaraction of Independance (UDI) document: 252KB JPG picture

Rhodesian Stamp Images & Rhodesian Bottle Cap Pictures

Rhodesian stamp sites are listed on the stamp links page.

> A collage of Rhodesian Memorabilia & Pictures  <


If you want to see where Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe, as it is now known, is, look at this map

The satellite view and map browser at can let you see a sky view or photos of interesting sites all around the world, including the place that used to be called Rhodesia. For example, here's an aerial view of Victoria Falls that was geotagged and accessed via the Google Maps interface.

I lived in the Bulawayo area for about 11 years. Maybe you can find it on this map: 221KB GIF Picture

Web Forum New Rhodesian Forum An active web forum that hosts topics relevant to Rhodesia. NRF
Rhodesians Reunited A site that hosts a web forum and live chat. Rhodesians Reunited
Usenet Kevin's Rhodesian Interactive Media Page -or- soc.culture.zimbabwe Not very active, but both Rhodesians & Zimbabweans attend Flame Lily
ListServ Kevin's Rhodesian Interactive Media Page -or- Yahoo List: Rhodesia

A now inactive e-mail list for anyone interested in Rhodesia. It was a lightly active list until 2010.
Yahoo Groups
Indaba @
An e-mail list for people interested in Rhodesia. The web site is still there, and the mailing list manager is slow, but still answers...

Yahoo List: Indaba
A now inactive e-mail list for people interested in Rhodesia. It was active until sometime during 2007.
Pen, hand, lightning
Web Sites Rhodesians Worldwide
A huge site dedicated to Rhodesiana
Zim Bird
Rhodesian Tapestry contains a variety of beautiful tapestries made by Rhodesian women. It is just one of the books on Barbara Goss' bookshelf. The tapestries include many historic and Rhodesian-themed topics. book
Africam and their mirror site in the USA
The world's first virtual game reserve? This is really a South African site, but, the live pictures are exactly like what you would see in a Rhodesian game reserve.
Of Land and Spirits
A novel of Rhodesia's last years by Alan Thrush.
Book Cover
Chas Lotter's Echoes of an African War
About the Rhodesian conflict & focusing around Chas' book
Gregory Allport's page maintained by Richard Allport
Articles on the History of Aviation in Rhodesia
RhAF Roundel
Richard Allport's Page
Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History
Coat of Arms
Viscounts in Africa - The Air Rhodesia Story
The site has a detailed history of Central African Airways-Air Rhodesia-Air Zimbabwe. The Viscount Disasters are covered in detail. Also included is an Air Force picture Gallery, a paintings gallery and a Books of Africa page.
Msasa Enterprises SA
Purchase your copies from a large library of Rhodesiana film footage, covering areas of history from pioneer days up to the present. This site has a picture gallery.
Msasa Enterprises
Rhodesian Government in Exile
A humor site, maybe even a bit tongue-in-cheek...
Exiled Govt. Seal
Alan G. Roberts, Architect
"Rhodesia exists only in the memories of those of us scattered around the world who were born and grew up there." This site has a Rhodesiana page along with information about Intake 150 C C0 9 PLATOON DRR
Alan G. Roberts
Chirundu - Homesick Africans
Rhodesian & Zimbabwean pictorial memorabilia.
Rhodesian Documents Online
"... tries to improve the quantity of useful historical information on Rhodesia available online by scanning ... original source materials ... and placing them online."
[ Drumming ]
Rhodesia was super / Lekkerwear
Named after an old Rhodesian slogan, this online store offers items of a Rhodesian flavor.
Flag with Gun
Rhodesians Worldwide Magazine
Rhodesians Worldwide magazine now has a website at and their email address for magazine matters is rhodesia @
Elephant with flag
Bulawayo 1872
"Many of us out there, that were born in Africa but have for one reason or another moved our home, to make a new one in a foreign land. is dedicated to bringing a piece of Africa to you, here you will meet old friends, get your favorite jokes, send e-cards, link with people like you, have diary sessions, meet people back home, get free web based mail (, express your opinions, take a virtual tour of Khami Ruins (world heritage site) and much much more."
City Park Fountain
Rhodesian Security Force Veterans(NZ)
"The purpose of this site is to provide a reference point, not only for those who served as members of the Rhodesian Security Forces who now live here in New Zealand, but also for all the other people who served and are now spread all around the world."
Morag Tritt's Old Photos
Some old motor racing snapshots and a few other black and white photos.
Sandafayre Stamp Gallery
An auction site that has a gallery of Rhodesian stamps dating between 1892 and 1922.
Alistair's Webshots Albums
Air Rhodesia related albums and an album of Rhodesian Stamps
Rhodesian Gifts
A business site with a lot of unique products with a Rhodesian theme.
Zimbabwe In The News
"This page is about the turmoil in Zimbabwe..."
Color Bars
Bulawayo Diary
What is happening in town? See the Margaret Kriel's site for a variety of online and e-mail list content.
Flame Lilies
Memories of Rhodesia Online Store
"... where it is our goal to keep the memory of Rhodesia alive through Film, Audio and Books." Special features include an AIF UDI song, iPod Radio Rhodesia, iPod Rhodesian movies.
Movie Camera Rhodesian Political & Military History
Special feature is a book about Rhodesia: So Far and No Further! Site includes a bookstore, freely viewable articles, maps, a roll of honour, amonsgt other resourcs.
Book Cover
Classic Cars in Rhodesia
A Rhodesian born author's site to "share my research into classic, collectors, vintage cars and motorcycles that have been owned in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)"
Model T Car
We Were Rhodesians
A website that "contains a database which is a definitive source of information about recipients of Rhodesian military and civilian awards "


Our Rhodesian Heritage
A blog that contains a great deal of historical information and imagery about Rhodesia. A number of similarly themed blogs by the same author are listed here.
The Rhodesian News Update
"This site is a service provided by several Rhodesian-based web-sites as a Service to the World Wide Rhodesian & Zimbabwean Communities." The authors publish a monthly newletter among other things.
Window on Rhodesia - the Jewel of Africa
Colin Weyer's archive of history and life in Rhodesia: "Those of us who had the privilege to have lived in Rhodesia used to call it Gods Country; and looking back that still seems to sum it up pretty well. It was a well run civilized country - Darkest Africa in Fairest Mood!"
Rhodesian Currency Page
Adam's site also has information about currency from quite a few other countries in southern Africa.
Rhodesia - Intaf
"This website is intended to honour those members of Rhodesia's para military Ministry of Internal Affairs (Intaf) who represented the very spirit of the nation ... and probably lost the most men in action when compared to any other single unit."
Bulawayo Information
A link site that has a great many links to sites related to the region. The links are a great source of photos and other material that is of interest to those familiar with the environs.
Last of the Rhodesians
"Absurd Creative Writing and Brilliant Satirical Wit. These are the scribbling of someone who is not quite right in the head – but who cares anyway?"
The Mouldings of Chipinge
"Growing up in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe is something one will never forget. Life in the Eastern Border District particularly the Chipinga/e area imprints on the mind the sunshine, the friendly community and supportative lifestyle ... the lovely thunderstorms ... the sights and sounds of Zimbabwe. It is a Shona proverb that once one hears the cry of the fish eagle, Africa will forever live in one’s heart." The author, Dr. Ross G. Cooper, has written several children's books with African themes. He also was written his own autobiography named The Flame Lily Weeps. He has a number of books listed on his own storefront, and on a publisher's storefront.
Rhodesians Reunited
A site with an extensive photo album and listing of links to all sorts of web resources. Live chat and web forums are also available.
The Great North Road
Northern Rhodesians Worldwide.
Northern Rhodesia
Zimbabwe Links
Zimbabwe was formerly Rhodesia
Rhodesia-Zimbabwe Flag
Dead Links Page
If you know where these pages moved to, let me know...
Skull & Crossbones


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