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My Systems Main system
The backbone of my computer setup, it is configured better than the others.
A UTP connection to the hub exists, and from there a coaxial backbone
interconnects all the other systems.

Novell 4.1 server
This server is a Netware 4.1 system, used primarily for print services.
The Canon BJC-600 color printer is attached to this computer.
It is used for learning and experimenting with Netware as well.

UnixWare 2.03 system
Since my work involves heavy use of UNIX System V Release 4 systems, this
system is used to learn and experiment with this powerful, and my favorite, O.S.
It has X, TCP/IP, and NetWare connectivity configured - maybe internet later?

Work system
Formerly a system I used at work for troubleshooting and customer support.
When I was issued a Pentium II system, I no longer needed my own system there.
This system is awaiting a new job in life.

A friend's system
A friend uses this system.

Other machines
For a long story, just ask what all other systems reside at home.
Among them will be a Timex/Sinclair 2068, several Timex/Sinclair 1000's,
an Osborne Executive, a Z80 I built, and a Zenith 8088 laptop. And more...

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