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USB_Device.amaroKscript (This is the official release site maintained by the author.)

This script brings generic USB media player support to amaroK. The motivation behind the development of the script is the fact that the amaroK 1.3.1 release for Mandriva 2006.0 Free only supports iPOD media players. Other music/media management software did not fair any better under further scrutiny either. To make managing an MP3 player easier for his wife, this amaroK plug-in came to be written. After getting some feature requests from users, a plug-in interface was added so user customization of the script's file copy mechanism is possible. This enables transcoding, support of players that have special requirements, or whatever function a user might desire. Even if the author does not provide direct support for more devices or features, the user need not be so constrained, and GPL'd third-party plug-ins may be submitted for inclusion in the official tarball.

The following download sites have also been found:

  • Softpedia - MAIN :: Multimedia :: amaroK Scripts
[ amaroK ]

Professional Interest

Leafnode 2 (This is the official site maintained by the author.)

A work-in-progress NNTP (newsgroup) server that supports private local newsgroups. This is a great tool to use to run a private, local news server within an organization. One could think of this as being a tool that acts as an electronic white (or black) board.

The following related sites are also noted:

  • Leafnode 1 - Stable version with feature set frozen and wihtout local group support.
[ Leafnode ]

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