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Anti-Spam Tools  
One solution for spam filtering on Linux or Windows.
My provider's filters catch maybe 60%; this one catches practically everything they miss.
[ Spambayes ]
UXN Spam Combat Page
A lot of tools for tracking down e-mail spammers.
With Spambayes, this hardly gets used anymore.
[ UXN Spam Combat ]
Web-page creation
& HTML editing
Though I presently write web code with Vim, when I want to use a graphical editor, Bluefish is what comes to mind first, but frankly, if I use and IDE, it really ought to be a facilitator for learning new technologies, and not just be a crib sheet for HTML editing. That's why I liked Screem best.
[ Bluefish ]
Quanta Plus
Decent editor, but too slow, and not as many features as Screem. Used it for a while.
[ Quanta+ ]
This editor was a favorite until development ground to a halt and when Mandriva-supplied executables went unacceptably unstable. The editor now crashes without warning. Too bad. It was good while it lasted. It suported HTML editing and included CSS, PHP, Apache, and Javascript tools.
[ Screem ]
My first and long-time favorite. But fallen from grace because it only runs on Windows.
[ Hotdog ]
Collaborative Tools  
Open source offshoot/enhancement of SourceForge, and a lot easier to set up.
[ GForge ]
A work-in-progress newsgroup server that supports private local newsgroups.
This is a great tool to use to run a private, local news server within an organization.
The released version web site is
[ Leafnode ]
Mail, simple enough for her, strong enough for me. Kontact extensions look good.
[ KMail ]

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