A Friend's System

The system a friend uses is made up of parts from all these folks...

NCR 17 Inch Monitor FM Radio Card Hercules Dynamite 128/Video
MouseMan Sensa DTC-2278 UMC Chipset Motherboard Conner 420 MB Disk
Mistumi Disk Drive AMD DX4-120 SMC 8013 Combo USR 33.6 WinModem

UMC Chipset VL Local Bus Motherboard Supporting AMD 486/X5 Intel 486, and Cyrix 586 Processors,
(2) 72 pin SIMM & (8) 30 pin SIMM slots, AMI BIOS, 40MHz CPU bus, (7) ISA, (3 VESA slots)
DTC-2278 VL Bus Dual IDE Controller with 2S, 1P, 1G Ports
Hercules StingRay VL (S501) Video Adapter w/ 1MB RAM
Creative Labs (Panasonic CR563) 2X CD-ROM
Reveal (Aztech) Sound Card with CD Interface
Logitech MouseMan Sensa 3 Button Mouse
SMC 8013 Combo Network Adapter Card
USRobotics Internal WinModem 33.6
NCR 17" 3415/3701 SVGA Monitor
Conner 420 MB Drive (Seagate)
Aztech FM Radio Tuner Card
Mitsumi 3.5" 1.44MB Drive
32MB 72 pin SIMM RAM
LabTech Speakers

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