Kevin's Primary Windows 98 System

Mr. Computer is made up of parts from all these folks...

Creative Labs AWE64 Kinyo Speakers Iomega Insider 250

M-Tech R547 SiS 5591 Chipset AMD K6-166 Lantronix LMR8TA

HP SureStore CD-Writer 4020i MouseMan Pro, CyberMan & Keyboard SMC 8432 EtherPower PCI Relisys 20" RE2058 Mistumi Disk Drive Thrustmaster FCS, ACM & PhazerPad

Zoom 56K V.90 Modem Packard Bell TV Card Connectix QuickCam Kenwood True-X 62X

ATI Rage 128 Xpert PCI Fujitsu 2.5 GB Drive Western Digital 4.3 GB Drive Advansys Bus-mastering SCSI Controller

Canon BJC-600

M-Technology, Inc., R547 PCI Motherboard Supporting AMD K5/6, Cyrix 686, and Intel MMX Processors,
(4) 72 pin SIMM & 2 DIMM slots, SiS 5591 Chipset, Award BIOS, 50-83MHz bus, 6 ISA & 2 PCI slots,
I/O Chipset on board w/ Dual Bus Mastering IDE, Printer, 2 Serial, 2 USB, PS/2 Mouse
ATI Rage 128 Xpert PCI w/ 16 MB SDR SGRAM 1:1 / SDRAM
Thrustmaster PhazerPad (Programmable Keypad Controller)
Kinyo Multimedia Speaker System w/ Powered Subwoofer
ThrustMaster WCS Mark II Weapons Control System
Hewlett Packard SureStore CD-Writer 4020i CDR
Zoom 56K DualMode V.90 External Modem
LogiTech Wireless MouseMan Pro (Radio)
Thrustmaster RCS Rudder Control System
AdvanSys Bus-Mastering SCSI Controller
Creative Labs AWE64 Value Sound Card
Canon BJC-600 Color Bubble Jet Printer
SMC 8432 EtherPower PCI Combo Card
Kenwood True-X 62X IDE CDROM Drive
Iomega Insider 250 QIC-80 Tape Drive
Creative Labs Mini Boom Microphone
LogiTech Wireless Keyboard (Radio)
Thrustmaster ACM Game Port Card
Relisys RE-2058 20" SVGA Monitor
Thrustmaster Mark II FCS Joystick
Lantronix LMR8TA Mini Repeater
Fujitsu M1638TAU 2.5 GB Drive
Western Digital 4.3 GB Drive
Packard-Bell TV Tuner Card
Mitsumi 3.5" 1.44MB Drive
Connectix QuickCam
LogiTech CyberMan
AMD K6-166 CPU

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