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"HTMLDOC converts HTML files and web pages into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files suitable for on-line viewing and printing. HTMLDOC is used for anything that needs to be viewed or printed including on-line billing, books, financial statements, automated network configuration guides, mailing lists and labels, marketing flyers, quarterly reports, technical manuals, and users manuals.

The HTMLDOC GUI provides easy access to all of HTMLDOC's features, allowing you to quickly convert individual files or pages as well as manage large manuals and reports for publication. HTMLDOC ''book'' files can be created using the GUI to manage collections of files and pages that are updated regularly.

The HTMLDOC command-line application can be used for batch processing of HTML files or embedded in your web server to provide a PDF version of nearly any page on your server!

HTMLDOC is available both as a commercial product and as open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License."


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