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I've logged a lot of hours in VI on NCR UNIX systems
[ Written in VI ]
My current favorite editor is Vim and/or GVim. I used to use WinVi32 on Windows, but recently bit the bullet and took a dive into GVim on a Win32 OS. It was a bit of work, but definitely worth the effort to have a single editor that I can use on all of the operating systems that I currently use.
[ VIM ]
Embedded Development  
I have started to use FORTH cross-compilers for a number of processors in embedded systems.
[ SwiftX ]
GUI Development  
Good GUI designer, not as intuitive as QT Designer, some unresolved bugs in 2.0.1, but promising. Could have tried 2.5 or higher, except did not want to hassle with updating GTK on Mandrake 10.0. Much tougher learning curve than QT Designer to use properties and simple things like font settings.
[ Glade ]
QT Designer
Decent GUI designer, crashes as built for Mandrake 10.0 Official. Too slow for use on slow systems. Won't bother using it if I can find something else to be comfortable with. Is more intuitive than Glade. Very easy to cobble together a clean looking GUI, but appears to have fewer options than Glade.
[ QT Designer ]
Borland C++ Builder 6
Have to use this for a project at work. My first experience with C++, and not really a pleasant one. I can't say that the Borland IDE lives up to the old DOS IDEs for their older compilers. Absolute shame on Borland for having a completely crappy CLX library. The thing leaks memory like a sieve. We had to switch a project to VCL because of this. I thought only ms pulled stunts like this - release without support. Well, it is a dead product now. Is Borland® C++BuilderX™ any better?
[ Borland Builder 6 ]
Shell Development  
Bash is my shell of choice. I used the Bourne shell for years on NCR Unix (AT&T) systems, but I wouldn't go back now for anything. I've written thousands of lines of code to do things like interactive diagnostic scripts, data transformation tools, system administration tools, CGI, server processing, and utility front-end interfaces.
[ Bash ]
This is definitly my swiss-army knife #2 for scripting work. One major project uses AWK scripts as the central data processing engine that allows us to use a spreadsheet as the master input that defines a GUI interface, automatically generated documentation, and an embedded system. The single source means that we can create a uniform system with fewer bugs because the disparate components are all controlled by a common source document.
BEGIN { x=0; y=0 }
{ x += NF; y += length($0) + 2 }
END { print NR, x, y }
Local Source Files Comm_TP5 Manual Excerpt - An excerpt from the manual that
tells a bit about the library found below. The full manual
is in the .ZIP file.
Please E-Mail
me if you
Comm_TC2.Zip - A serial communications library Version 1.00 that
I wrote for Borland Turbo C 2.0 (Comm_TP5 is better!) This is
shareware source code. Usage and registration info is in the file.
Please E-Mail Me
Comm_TP5.Zip - A serial communications library (version 2.50) that
I wrote for Borland Turbo Pascal 5 & Up. This is shareware
source code. Usage and registration info is in the file.
Please E-Mail Me
Comm_TP3.Zip - A serial communications library (version 1.01) that
I wrote for Borland Turbo Pascal 3. This is freeware source code
provided for the few who still use Turbo Pascal 3.
Please E-Mail Me

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